Utah Mine Detention Pond

Projekt Informationen


Detention Pond


Salt Lake City, Utah, US


Granite Construction Company


September to October 2015

Projekt Details


The mine utilizes water to transport a slurry of mined rock to its processing facility through miles of pipe. To supplement the mines water source, detention ponds were designed to collect onsite stormwater.


A total of three detention ponds were designed using Huesker’s Canal³ as the liner of choice. The contractor installed the composite utilizing a hand-held Leister and a Nordson hot melt adhesive unit. After the material was installed, it was covered with 6-inches of soil to protect the material from UV light and from damage from the future removal of anticipated sediment accumulation.


The composite was chosen as the liner of choice due to its resistant to installation damage, wide roll width, and ease of installation by unskilled labor.