Stretched System for Riding Facility

Projekt Informationen


Training ring, lunging hall, straw barn


Westerstede, DE


Gestüt Brune



Projekt Details


Construction work for the Gestüt Brune stud farm in Westerstede, Lower Saxony, at the heart of the "Oldenburg horse country" started in 2015. Apart from protecting against wind and weather, the coverings to the training ring, lunging hall and straw barn were also required to preserve the good existing ventilation and daylighting conditions. The straw barn, in particular, placed high demands in terms of efficient airing without the ingress of rain and snow.


To deliver the optimum solution to the various requirements, stretched systems with a range of black-coloured wind protection meshes were installed. A wind protection mesh with 1 mm mesh size and 90 % wind break was specified for the lunging hall and training ring. A finer mesh with 94 % wind break was selected for the straw barn. The wind protection meshes were custom-fabricated. Stable aluminium keder rails ensure reliable tensioning of the wind protection meshes without folds or creases when in use.


In addition to protecting against the elements, the translucent, air-permeable meshes are visually appealing, the colours having been chosen to match the existing structures. Not only do they offer the horses views of the countryside, they also contribute to the excellent working conditions.