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Detert, Dr.-Ing. O. | König, D. | Alexiew, Dr.-Ing. D.

Design approach for the self-regulating interactive membrane foundation system for embankment


The paper deals with an innovative foundation system for embankments on soft soils. It con-sists of two sheet pile walls, which are installed parallel to each other, to confine the soft foundation soil. Those sheet pile walls are firmly connected on the ground level by a geotextile with high tensile stiffness. The embankment will be constructed on top of the geotextile, which will act as a tension membrane. The complex interactive load bearing behavior has been analyzed by means of centrifuge model tests and nu-merical analyses. Based on those investigations a semi analytical design approach has been developed. The paper describes the system set-up, the centrifuge model tests, the numerical analyses, the load bearing be-havior, the design approach and possible application areas.


The complex load bearing behavior has been analyzed by means of sophisticated centrifuge model tests and comprehensive numerical studies. The results of the model tests helped to understand the principal system behavior and to validate the numerical simulations. Based on the conducted tests and simulations an analytical design approach, including design charts, has been developed. The comparison of the results between the developed design approach and numerical simulation has shown a very good agreement. The system allows for an easy and fast construction of embankments on very soft soils. It is one option more to be considered in such cases. Depending on the deformation requirements different application areas have been mentioned above. A further advantage can be the re-use of the sheet pile walls, if they are recov-ered after use in temporary applications.