White Elementary School

Projekt Informationen


White Elementary School


Ft. Benning, Georgia, US


Synergy Earth Systems/Carothers Construction


Summer 2015 - Summer 2016

Projekt Details


In 2012 it was decided to construct a new White Elementary School to replace the existing school house which was outdated and overcrowded. After choosing a location, the challenge was to fit the school and all required facilities within the selected plot of land. Various proposals for optimizing the area of the selected plot were considered and it was decided that block segmental retaining walls could provide an aesthetically pleasing solution for increasing land area usage.


After consideration of the site design, it was decided that 10 retaining walls would be needed to optimize land area utilization for the elementary school. Site design plans including retaining walls were drawn and used to solicit bids for retaining wall design and construction.


Synergy Earth Systems, LLC (Daphne, AL) and Fitzpatrick Engineering Associates (Lawrenceville, GA) were selected to construct and design 10 retaining walls. Retaining walls were designed and built using Versa-Lok square foot retaining wall blocks and reinforcement geogrids. Since the 10 retaing walls totaling 28,300 square feet of wall face included varying degrees of design challenges, four types of geogrids were used in the design and construction. In the end, 103,600 square yards of reinforcing geogrids were required and supplied to complete the retaining walls used for the White Elementary School project.

In conclusion, HUESKER’s reinforcing products provided an economical and viable design and construction option for the White Elementary School project.