Road Rehabilitation

Projekt Informationen


Road Rehabilitation of the district road 57,


Ochtrup, DE


Municipality of Steinfurt


May 1996

Projekt Details


Rosenstrasse in Ochtrup leads directly to the Dutch/ German border and therefore carried an extremely high volume of heavy goods vehicles until the completion of a new bypass in 2005. But even today plenty of local drivers still like to take the shorter route along Rosenstrasse. In 1996 Rosenstrasse was reinstated over its full carriageway width to rectify substantial damage due to alligator cracking. The initial design called for the existing 5 cm thick asphalt surface course to be milled off and replaced. After milling off the surface course, it was apparent that the binder course and even the base were also severely cracked and in very poor condition. An alternative design was required.


For reasons of finance and time constraints, it was decided to install the asphalt reinforcement directly on the milled substrate. This measure was intended to prevent early penetration of the existing cracks through the new surface course and therefore extend the period to the next reinstatement. During the works the geogrid was laid in accordance with the installation guidelines and then covered with 5 cm asphalt concrete 0/11 surface course.


The road has remained in perfect condition and further reinstatement has not been necessary. The use of the asphalt reinforcement grid has proved itself a success as a method of reinstatement in every respect.