North Carolina Department of Transportation SR-64

Projekt Informationen


Carolina Department of Transportation SR-64


Hendersonville, North Carolina, US


American Paving Fabrics


May 15, 2016 through May 20, 2016

Projekt Details


The existing pavement surface conditions on State Route 64 near Ingles Supermarket going North 1 mile to the next stop light experienced severe longitudinal cracking with several areas of fatigue cracking over 5 lanes.


The North Carolina Department of Transportation is performing several pilot projects with the use of grid composite interlayer fabrics throughout the State of North Carolina. The contractor (APAC) chose HUESKER’s pavement interlayer as the high strength composite interlayer with approval from the North Carolina Department of Transportation to improve the new hot mix asphalt overlay against reflective cracking and delamination. The surface wearing course was milled in a few small area but most of the high strength composite interlayer material was placed over the existing pavement. The pavement was cleaned and prepared removing all residual debris allowing for the installation of the pavement interlayer to proceed by American Paving Fabrics, Hanover MD. The project extended 1 mile over 5 lanes starting from the stop light at Ingles Supermarket going North on SR-64 to the very next stop light. American Paving Fabrics started in middle lanes working outward to the two outside mainline lanes. An Application rate of performance grade liquid asphalt tack (PG 64-22) was applied to the milled and unmilled surface at a rate of 0.13 gal/sy applied at a temperature of approximately 310ºF. Ambient air temperatures were 70ºF when installation began attaining a low temperature of approximately 53ºF during the morning hours when paving operations were underway. APAC out of Hendersonville, NC performed the paving operation using a Roadtec RP-170 asphalt paver followed by a compaction pattern using a combination of static and vibratory rolling patterns.


American Paving Fabrics was able to easily install over 11,000 syd. of the pavement interlayer within 5 hours. The interlayer was produced with no defect illustrating HUESKER Inc. commitment to quality as well as the materials ability to produce a great system during the installation phase. The material had no memory making installation simple and efficient. No wrinkling was present even around small radius curves.