LED luminaires for indoor riding arena

Projekt Informationen


Lighting refit with LED luminaires


Grabowhoefe, DE


RV Alter Landsitz Sommerstorf






3 days

Projekt Details


The Hotel Alter Landsitz riding facility is located some 14 km north of the town of Waren (Müritz) in the German Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Here, prior to hosting its first major riding tournament – the Müritz Cup – in October 2019, the indoor riding arena needed a lighting refurbishment. The client's brief called for a tournament-standard, though nonetheless energy-efficient lighting solution.


An illuminance of 300 lux is recommended for regional tournaments. Calculations based on a purpose-designed lighting scheme put the optimum number of LED luminaires for this project at 39. The system was fitted in accordance with the installation plan by a team of technicians supervised by HUESKER's chief installer. The refit brought about a vast improvement in lighting conditions (from under 100 lux to 250 – 300 lux after completion). Moreover, two operating modes were programmed: a training mode with dimmed and a tournament mode with full lighting.


Apart from enjoying optimum training and tournament conditions thanks to the two lighting modes, the customer can also cut energy consumption by up to 60 %. The adjustable light diffusion allows targeted use and achieves uniform illumination while the light spectrum and LED control ensure healthy lighting conditions. Moreover, the robust LED luminaires are water- and moisture-resistant, insensitive to dust and long-lasting.