High Strength Geotextile

Projekt Informationen


Memorial Drive-Duck Creek Mainline IH 43 Interchange


Green Bay, Wisconsin, US


Geo-Synthetics, LLC/Hoffman Construction


Fall of 2013-Summer 2015

Projekt Details


In the fall of 2013 and through the summer of 2015, reconstruction and improvements of 29 interchanges along the I-41 Mainline from Memorial Drive to Lakeview Drive were implemented. In an effort to improve traffic efficiency and decrease congestion, interchanges were reconfigured and/or updated. The changes and improvements were designed and managed by the WIDOT.


In order to impove the shear strength of some of the proposed bridge approach embankments foundation soil, the WIDOT designed and required the use of a high strength geotextile between the foundation and embankment soil layers. After careful project specification review by HUESKER Inc, it was determined that HUESKER’s High Strength Geotextile could and would meet the project specification and work best for improved embankment stabilization. To accomadate desired construction effieciency, HUESKER’s High Strength Geotextile was produced in contractor/installer requested roll lengths which reduced insallation time and material waste. HUESKER’s solution was produced for and delivered to Hoffman Construction and installed by Geo-Synthetics, LLC.