High Strength Geotextile

Projekt Informationen


Issaquah Highlands Central Park


Issaquah, Washington, US


ACF West, Inc/Summit Construction


Summer 2003

Projekt Details


In summer of 2003, construction of a park in the center of Issaquah, WA was proposed. Since a large flood control draiange swale existed at one end of the proposed property designated to be used for the park, solutions for increasing usable land space for the park were considered. Proposals for using land area as close to the existing flood drainage swale were most considered. Construction permits for the Park included requirements for a specified square footage “green area” coverage. In other words, it was mandatory that the park maintain a certain natural look after construction.


In order to capitalize on available land area and maintain a natural look within the park, the accepted solution was a wrapped green faced soil slope using geotextiles with the toe of slope directly adjacent to the edge of the flood control drainage swale.


60,000 yd2 of High Strength Geotextile was used to construct a 40,000 ft2. wrapped green faced soil slope. Slope construction was completed using temproy wood forms to allow for better compaction and construction stability at the face.

In conclusion, the products provided an economical and viable design and construction option for the construction and asthetic requirments of the Issaquah Highlands Central Park Project.