Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil

Projekt Informationen


Nürburgring Formula 1 racing track


Nürburg, DE


Nürburgring GmbH


IBH – Ingenieurbüro Herold, Weimar


Schnorpfeil, Treis-Karden, Germany



Projekt Details


Geogrid make it possible: the construction of a 21 m high wall as part of the extension of the Formula 1 race circuit. The wall was integrated in

the new Mercedes Benz Arena, and will be having a green finish.


The solution chosen by the client was a mechanically stabilised earth wall (MSEW) reinforced with different geogrid types, and with a maximum height of 21 m, a length of approximately 190 m and an inclination of 70°. The construction stage was strictly limited to the winter time only (off-season).

The wall was finished with a green facing, by using an erosion control mat and hydro-seeding. Since recycled slag material was used as fill material, the high

pH level (up to 12) required the use of a chemically resistant reinforcement. Furthermore the use of low creep material was necessary, in order to avoid excess deformation in this aesthetically high profile project. The geogrid, consisting of PVA yarns with high chemical resistance and very low creep tendency, combined with excellent stress strain behaviour was selected and is performing excellently – during construction and in its final appearance.


• Construction also possible in winter time during frost periods

• Very flexible solution, in construction, engineering and landscaping Ease of construction

• Minimal settlements, not susceptible to potential differential settlements

• Excellent integration in the environment

• the geogrid allows the use of local fill or recycled construction waste

• Can be integrated harmoniously within other existing structures and elements

• Very economical solution