Folding front for lightweight hall

Projekt Informationen


Helicopter hangar


Emden, DE


Emden Airfield


Herchenbach Industrie-Zeltbau GmbH


Herchenbach Industrie-Zeltbau GmbH


November 2016

Projekt Details


Emden Airfield lies north of the town of Emden in Germany’s East Frisia region. And helicopters, for which it has a special approach procedure, now account for a significant proportion of local air traffic. Helicopter traffic at the airfield had, however, been impeded by a temporary shortage of hangar space – with large, new hangars not scheduled for construction until 2019. An inexpensive makeshift solution was therefore required.


With only a temporary solution needed, the client opted to put up low-cost lightweight halls that could be dismantled for reuse elsewhere upon completion of the new hangar facilities. Roof membranes and 6.00 m tall, 16.50 m wide folding fronts for the halls were supplied. The adopted silver/black PVC membrane blends harmoniously with the other parts of the lightweight structures.


The wind-stable folding front is ideally suited to the lightweight construction of the temporary textile hall. The use of lightweight, though still high-strength PVC/PES material minimises the loads resulting from the selfweight of the folding front. With these being structurally insignificant, no modifications are needed to the structural design of the textile hall. With a maximum span of 20.00 m, the folding front is ideal for use as a hangar door for small aircraft or helicopters. The robust design guarantees reliable opening and closing at this coastal airfield site.