Door and folding front for fertiliser warehouse

Projekt Informationen


Fertiliser warehouse


Lähden, DE


Raiffeisen Ems-Vechte


IBL Ingenieurgesellschaft Behnen mbH


Möhlenkamp Agrarservice GmbH


September 2018

Projekt Details


Apart from producing mixed feed, Raiffeisen Ems-Vechte also supplies farmers in the region with products such as fertilisers for crop cultivation. The large amounts of corrosive dust that are released during the movement of fertiliser, both in and out of the warehouse, and settle on the door system components, can impair their operation and disrupt workflows.


The brief called for the use of a door system built mainly of non-corrosive components. The client opted for the installation

of stabidoors along with a folding front. The stabidoor offers a combination of aluminium guiding rails, textile door hangings and polyamide rollers for guaranteed long service life. To protect the external fertiliser blender against wind and rain, a 3 m wide folding front was installed at the 8 m high eaves. This was also fitted with non-corrosive components.


Though extremely light, fabric doors and fronts make no compromises in terms of stability. Their installation is fast and straightforward. These benefits are further compounded by the incorporation of robust, durable materials and high-grade components to make Tectura the ideal solution for applications of this kind. Notable features of the stabidoor also include the stabilising horizontal tubes that offer exceptional wind resistance, even for large vehicle entrances up to 6 m high and 6 m wide. Moreover, the side weather strips attached to the aluminium guiding rails provide the necessary wind and weather protection. The compact stabidoor, with its low space requirement, thus offers a useful alternative to sectional doors.