Calf Barn

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Calf barn


St. Wolfgang, DE


Johann Schwimmer


Autumn/winter 2017 – January 2018

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To enhance the welfare of his calves, farmer Johann Schwimmer in the Bavarian village of St. Wolfgang collaborated with HUESKER in the design and construction of an innovative calf barn. In addition to ample space and daylight, the concept offers livestock an optimum, draughtfree supply of fresh air around the clock. In recognition of this pioneering scheme, Mr Schwimmer was awarded the 2018 Bavarian Livestock Welfare Prize.


The ventilation tubes provide a continuous fresh air supply directly to the calves. The hole sizes and layout in the ventilation tube necessary to achieve uniform air distribution are exactly calculated. At the same time, the germ-free, oxygen-rich, pollution-free air ensures that the calves remain healthy. The Lubratec roll-up ventilation system for calves guarantees a minimum extract ventilation area at the top. By simultaneously keeping the lower section open, cold air is permanently prevented from falling onto the calves from above. Nor is there any risk of draughts due to the fine wind protection mesh that closely regulates the air intake at the bottom. As the roll-up ventilation system is controlled not only by temperature, wind and rain, but also by humidity, the calves are promptly protected against night dew. Jointly developed and built by HUESKER and Mr Schwimmer, the system offers an additional means of exploiting natural air circulation and promoting the robustness of calves at an early stage in their lives.


- Healthy calves thanks to germ-free air

- Enhanced animal welfare

- Stress-free and effective rearing