Drei nebeneinander aufgestellte Lubratec Mobilställe auf dem Betrieb Stadler in Bayern

Active ventilation for more calf health

Projekt Informationen


Mobile calf barn


Ziemetshausen, Bavaria, DE


Mr Stadler


Mr Stadler in cooperation with HUESKER Synthetic GmbH


Oktober – November 2020

Projekt Details


For the further development of the farm, Mr Stadler decided to increase the herd size in the area of calf rearing. The herd size was to be increased from 75 to 110 young animals. The biggest challenge was to create the space needed to accommodate the animals in the short term. A new building of a calf barn with planning application, architect search, planning and construction were not feasible in the short term. The old barn is dark and the barn climate is not ideal for implementing a high level of animal welfare right from the start.


After the first occupancy of the first mobile barn worked very well and it was noticed that the calves developed better in the mobile barn compared to the old barn, Mr Stadler ordered two more barns. Thanks to the two wheels, the stalls can be moved flexibly and ensure efficient work and quick mucking out. Not only the good development of the calves was impressive, but also the climate in the barn. The animals gain weight faster and are healthier and more energetic. The high calf health ensures a considerable reduction in veterinary costs and an increase in animal welfare.


The use of a translucent tarpaulin for the outer shell of the mobile barn ensures pleasant light conditions and prevents heating up. Equipped with a roller shutter and gear motor, additional natural light can enter. When closed, daylight enters the barn thanks to the transparent

windows in the door. This makes ideal use of the natural light and air sources. Thanks to the active ventilation the young animals get draughtfree fresh air. Thanks to the temperature-controlled ventilation, the supply is guaranteed at any time of the year. Stale air can escape unhindered via the ventilation ridge. Up to ten animals can be comfortably housed on the 25 m². Thanks to the wide gate, uncomplicated refeeding or a quick inspection of the animals is possible.