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New York Irrigation District Canal Lining Project


Boise, Idaho, US


The Boise Project Board of Control


The Boise Project Board of Control


December 2014 – November 2015



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The New York Irrigation District was established in the late 1800’s, and over the years, placement of various materials to reduce seepage have been placed in the canal. Despite the attempts to reduce seepage in the canal using concrete and asphalt, none have been able to prevent seepage from the canal. Today, a majority of the canal is lined with residential properties which pose issues with seepage as many have basements.


In order to eliminate the seepage, the Boise Project Board of Control discussed if geocomposite products could be used as a solution to control the seepage. Further discussions led to a site visit to inspect and to obtain feedback from an Irrigation District that was located in Washington State who had installed this geocomposite material beneath 3-inches of concrete.

The Boise Project Board of Control for the New York Irrigation District determined that the geocomposite be placed beneath 6-inches of concrete to resolve the seepage issue. Using their own employees, the Boise Project of Control removed all layers of past installed materials in the canal section to be lined and installed the geocomposite be placed beneath 6-inches of concrete. Plans call for the entire 26-mile canal be lined as funds become available.


The composite material was chosen by the Boise Project Board of Control due to its roll width of 25 feet, its resistance to installation damage (durability), and that concrete bonds extremely well to the top polypropylene nonwoven of the geocomposite.

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